Some Links

More Bologna Blogs

A Pranzo con Bea about food (mostly Italian)
V for Vegetariano about vegetarian food (in Italian)
Taste for Bologna about food
Bella Buona Italia by Alex, writing about food & Bologna, offers travel concierge service
Bologna Uncovered by Silvia Donati, freelance journalist & native Bolognese
Taste of Italy by Maribel Agullo, owner of Taste of Italy cooking school
Italy Project by Sarah, lover of all things Italy, English teacher living in Bologna
A Hotchpotch Hijabi in Italy by Sarita, an English teacher & Expat blogger
A Bologna by Eleanor, a Fulbright fellow

Bologna Blog Posts

BlogVille Emilia Romagna many posts by bloggers of the BlogVille project
Homemade Hand-rolled Bolognese Pasta  by a Canadian Foodie
The Art of Making Homemade Pasta in Bolognaby Lauren Aloise
Demystifying Bologna’s Food Markets by La Gourmande
Portland, Meet Your Sister {City} by the twoOregonians

Helpful Bologna Resources

Bologna Arts & Culture from the official City of Bologna website (includes listing of monuments, museums, and theaters)
Bologna Inside – Everything you need to know to make Bologna home by the International Women’s Forum of Bologna
Guide to Living in Bologna from (esp like the food shopping section)
Bologna for foreigners from
Bologna Magazine guide for Bologna connoisseurs
Browse Bologna an opinionated business/services listing for the international community in Bologna
Trekking col Treno CAI Bologna hiking program that makes use of public transportation
Trekking Italia Bologna hiking program with organized day & multi-day hikes

Bologna in the Press

36 Hours in Bologna by Ondine Cohane via NYTimes (2011)
36 Hours in Bologna by Pavia Rosati via NYTimes (2007)
Aperitivo time in Bologna by Martin Yarnit via the Guardian
10 best budget eats in Bologna by John Brunton via the Guardian
Weekend holiday in Bologna: Explore a hidden side of Italy by Jade Bremner via TNT Magazine
Martha Kearney’s Bologna, Italy by York Membery via the Telegraph
Where vegetarianism is an exotic illness by Dany Mitzman via BBC News
Eating sunup to sundown in Bologna, Italy by Pamela Berger via CNN
Making pasta by hand by Gillian O’Callaghan via The Boston Globe

More Italy-related Links

WhyGo Italy travel guide
Eye on Italy podcasts
Ms. Adventures in Italy blog
A Reading List for Italophiles by Jessica from WhyGo Italy
Favorite Italy Blogs by Jessica from WhyGo Italy
Italy Expat & Italy-Themed Blogs by Michelle from Bleeding Espresso
Expats Blog website uniting expat bloggers from around the globe
Rome for Foodies iPhone app by Katie Parla
Eat Florence, Eat Rome, & Eat Venice iPhone apps by Elizabeth Minchilli


2 thoughts on “Some Links

  1. vale

    hi, i’m an italian girl, i’d like to know if there’s some group for english people, where I can practice my english, and know foreign people…

  2. ciaobologna Post author

    Hi Vale,

    Check out:
    * Conversation Exchange – – sign up for an account and find English speakers in Bologna to meet for conversation exchange
    * The Tandem language learning BOLOGNA – an International group that meets for a conversation exchange aperitivo once a week – you details on Facebook
    * Internations Bologna – – an International group that meets for aperitivo once a month (among other activities)
    * International Women’s Forum – – a group for female English speakers living in Bologna
    * Couch Surfing – the Bologna couch surfing group is pretty international and they meet up frequently for hikes and aperitivi

    Hope this helps!


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