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Pumpkin pie on my parents’ kitchen table

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Living in Bologna, Italy: Boot Camp classes in Giardini Margherita

Joanna Faso Fitness

Body Wellness Bologna Instructor Joanna Faso

My good friend Joanna Faso from Body Wellness Bologna is moving her Boot Camp fitness classes back outside for Spring and Summer. The classes are 45 minutes of challenging yet fun exercise with a blend of strong aerobic movement, some TRX training as well as deep yoga stretching. Classes are taught in a mix of English and Italian. Send Joanna a note to RSVP before class as the schedule is subject to change due to weather or other factors that arise.

Giardini Margherita in front of the small lake

Tuesday/Thursday: 9:15AM
Wednesday: 19:15PM
Saturday: 9:15AM

Single lesson: €15
5 class package: €60
10 class package: €110
If you have never been to a class, your first lesson is just €10 and if you bring 2 friends with you, your class is always free.

Joanna Faso: joannafaso [at] hotmail [dot] com

Buon workout a tutti!

Hiking Bologna: Parco del Corno alle Scale (Day Two)

On Day 2, we drove from Sega Vecchia to Rifugio Cavone (food-only rifugio) for a hike that includes some of the prettiest stretches of trail that the park has to offer. We hiked to the top of Corno alle Scale, stopped by the Rifugio degli Abruzzi and Lago Scaffaiolo, and ended the day by seeing a four-tiered waterfall, the Cascate del Dardagna. The stretch up CAI 129 to Corno alle Scale was the most stunning stretch of all.

The Hike

Description: Park at Rifugio Cavone where you will find the trailhead for CAI 337. Follow CAI 337, which brings you through a beautiful valley and then up to a plateau with panoramic views of the surrounding mountains.

The first stretch of the hike on CAI 337 leads you through a gorgeous valley surrounded by sandstone peaks

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Piano, piano

A phrase that you hear often if you spend a good amount of time in Italy is “piano, piano“. Though, I may hear this phrase more often than others considering that I am A) an American, B) a New Yorker, C) frequently overanxious. This will make more sense when I tell you what it means.

I first heard it on one of our first social outings in Bologna. I was speaking to the Italian boyfriend of another expat, in Italian, and I was trying REALLY hard. It must have showed. Scratch that. It definitely showed. All over my face. I was closing my eyes as I conjugated verbs and grimacing when I wanted to say something but knew the vocabulary needed was nowhere in my brain. The guy gently stopped me and with a smile said, “piano, piano.” Continue reading

The Murphy Bed

Our relatives over at Chezerbey (currently the top pick in the “small” category in Apartment Therapy’s Small Cool contest) would be proud.  We are living small and cool, and loving it!  At least temporarily…

The apartment we’ve been in for the last month, a vacation rental we found on is the epitome of Italian ultra-modern, ultra-functional interior design that is key for enjoying life in a small space.

The most multi-functional attraction of the 40sqm studio (approx 430sqft ) is the Murphy bed. Continue reading