Living in Bologna, Italy: Where to Buy Organic Food & Products

While shopping around Bologna, I’ve come across three pamphlets about where to buy organic food and other products in and around Bologna.  In Italy, the term typically used to denote organic products is bio (short for biologico).  Combined, the guides offer recommendations for restaurants, bars, bakeries, gelaterie, take-out joints, grocery stores, fair trade clothing and cosmetic shops, bed & breakfasts, and more.  They contain many places I already know and love and several more I’d love to check out.  Here they are (click on the photo to visit the guide/website):


Equo in Città          Bio Gourmet eco-bio bologna


Words to know
bio (short for biologico) = organic
commercio equo = fair trade
prodotti sfusi = bulk products
detergenti alla spina = cleaners on tap
km0 (abbreviation for chilometro zero) = local
eco (short for ecologico) = eco-friendly
GAS (acronym for gruppo di acquisto solidale) = collective buying group
mercati contadini = farmers’ markets

Buona spesa!  Happy shopping!


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