My Golden Day in Bologna

Piazza Santo Stefano BolognaLast month, I wrote a guest post on Susan Van Allen’s blog: Golden Days in Italy.  Susan is the author of two books on Italy: 100 Places in Italy Every Woman Should Go and Letters from Italy: Confessions, Adventures, and Advice.  Both are loaded on my Kindle, primed and ready for my upcoming beach trip.  In my guest post, I share some suggestions for how to spend one day in Bologna.  The post was difficult for me to write: first of all, because I have too many favorite spots in Bologna.  Second, the way I would spend a day in Bologna alone is different than the one I would suggest to a friend who has never been to Bologna.  First time visitors should try tagliatelle al ragù, a piadina, and/or tortellini in brodo.  I tend to eat vegetarian and lighter fare, especially in the hot, summer months.  In my post, I tried to offer up a variety of options that included both traditional and contemporary Bolognese experiences.  Third, I have a bike, which means I can zip around my favorite places in Bologna with the greatest of ease.  I wanted to create an itinerary that was feasible for someone to complete on foot.

Check out my post and the other Golden Days in Italy on Susan’s blog here.


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