2013: The Year in Food

pizza naplesI couldn’t think of a better way to honor 2013 than by sharing a round up of the food we ate this past year.

I initially wanted to write a post about our top 5 or top 10 dishes of 2013, but I found the task of narrowing down our favorite foods next-to-impossible, not to mention offensive to all of the foods that didn’t make the cut. We’ve cooked a lot at home this year and experimented with new dishes in our own kitchen, but this list doesn’t go there (I had to cut it off somewhere). This list highlights the regional cuisines we’ve encountered and enjoyed while dining about — around Bologna, during our travels to other Italian regions, and on trips to Paris, Barcelona, and Brussels.

One thing I’ve written about here before is that the food in Italy is very regional.  Every region has its own typical dishes, often that people who live in the region have been cooking a certain way for the last 500 years.  What you find on the menu at restaurants  in Bologna is usually the same as what’s on the menu at other restaurants in Bologna, but different than what you’ll find at restaurants in Tuscany, Umbria, Liguria, Puglia, Calabria, etc.  Because of this, when we travel to a different region in Italy it often feels like we’re traveling to a new country entirely.  This makes it very fun to go out to eat (and stealthily photograph our plates with our phones if we remember before we dig in).

Surprising and good

First up, here are some dishes that really wowed us, largely because we had never heard of them before. (Mouse over the photos to see the captions or click on a photo to enter slideshow mode).


These are dishes we got to try for the first time in 2013.

Oldies but goodies
Here are some foods we met in 2012 but continued to enjoy in 2013 (often on a regular basis).

Standouts abroad
During 2013, we traveled together to Paris in April; I met up with a friend in Barcelona in June; and Luke did a couple of business trips to Brussels (among other places). The highlight of all of the trips was the food. After living in Italy this long, it feels like an exotic treat to eat something other than Italian cuisine.

As you can see, 2013 was full of deliciousness.  We’re giving our bellies a break after a busy fall and holiday season, and so, w’ere cooking at home a lot these days.  But we’re looking forward to planning some more trips and culinary adventures in 2014, which bittersweetly might be our last year living in Italy.  Are there any dishes in Italy or nearby we shouldn’t miss in 2014?

Thanks for reading — especially to our moms, family, and friends.

Happy New Year and buon appetito!


2 thoughts on “2013: The Year in Food

    1. ciaobologna Post author

      Hey aladybird! We have eaten trofie al pesto and love it too. We ate it for the first time in 2012. I was very tempted to try to find a good picture of it to include here. Thanks for writing!


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