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Fall in Bologna, Italy: Sagra del Tartufo Bianco

It’s already November, but somehow it feels like summer just ended and fall has finally arrived. September seemed an extension of summer, with countless blue sky days and perfect temperatures; and October, if you ask me, passed by while I blinked. The temperatures have taken the plunge and fall coats and boots have made their way out of storage and out onto the streets of Bologna.

Perhaps it finally feels like fall because this is one of the first weekends we really slowed down; we made no plans and just simply enjoyed living in Bologna. We bundled up and biked to the Saturday morning Slow Food market. We read on the couch. We caught up with family and friends back home. We cooked a big pan pizza topped with chard and onions and took a stab at cooking the typical Tuscan soup ribollita. A friend came over for dinner bringing pumpkin puree and porcini mushroom risotto.

Then on Sunday, we finally visited our first sagra — an Italian festival typically celebrating a specific local food. We headed to the Sagra del Tartufo Bianco (White Truffle Festival) in Savigno about 40 minutes outside Bologna. Continue reading


Our Travels in Italy: Summer Fun

Ah!  It’s November!  There’s so much I haven’t shared, so much that I want to share.  I worry about the fun facts, observations, reflections, and funny moments that might go unshared because I haven’t written them down, or the foods and places that may be forgotten because I haven’t photographed them.  At the same time, I’m happy to have disconnected from social media for a while to focus on savoring the people and places in front of me.  We’re fortunate to have the problems that we do — too many beautiful places to visit, too many family and friends to entertain and keep in touch with, too much gelato to eat, too many new foods to try, and not enough time to document it all. Continue reading