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WWOOFing Emilia-Romagna: Agriturismo Pian Di Stantino

In May I went WWOOFing again, my third official farm stay, while Luke was traveling in the U.S.  I stayed for two and a half weeks at Pian di Stantino, an agriturismo in Romagna about 90 minutes from Bologna.

My first two farm stays were at farms with plenty of other WWOOFers and workers.  This time around, I was aiming for a more intimate and immersive experience.  I wanted to see what it takes for a small family to live off the land and operate an agriturismo.  I hoped to improve my Italian by immersing myself in the language.

And that’s just what I got.


It’s 7AM.  I roll out of bed, get dressed, splash some cold water on my face, and head outside from the guest rooms.  I stop by  the natural spring fountain, fill up my Nalgene, and take a few gulps of the crisp, fresh water.  I head into the agriturimso’s kitchen, where I find Martino already heating up a Moka pot of coffee, his face still tired and his hair in its usual wild state.

“Buon giorno! Come stai?”, I say.

“Sono stanco.  Voglio dormire ancora.”  He’s tired and wishes he could sleep some more.

We sit down to breakfast — just coffee for Martino and homemade bread and jam for me.  Martino’s girlfriend Denise joins us — coffee and toast with chocolate hazelnut spread.  We gradually wake up as we sip our hot drinks.  This twenty minutes for breakfast is the slowest we’ll move all day. Especially Martino.

Pian di Stantino - view from the guest rooms

View from the front door of the guest rooms. I planted corn, cucumbers, and tomatoes in the field pictured. “Il mio mais!” I like to say.

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