Exploring Emilia-Romagna: Blogville’s Back in 2013


If you guys have been following me here for awhile, you might remember that last year I went to BlogVille.  BlogVille is an innovative social media project hosted by the Emilia-Romagna Tourism Board aimed at promoting the Emilia-Romagna region of Italy (lesser known by tourists than places like Rome, Venice, and Tuscany).  A rotating set of bloggers are put up in an apartment in the region and largely given the freedom to explore the region as they please.  At the same time, the Tourism Board offers lots of support and suggestions and organizes group outings.

Last year, I spent a week in Rimini with BlogVille.  I did some biking, explored the beautiful Valmarecchia, and met the last person left making traditional piadina pans by hand.  A lot of great material came out of last year’s BlogVille, much of which you can check out in the BlogVille 2012 Ebook.  Some of my favorites were Jeanette’s photos from her visit to Koko Mosaico in Ravenna, Portland, meet your sister {city) by TwoOregonians, and Kash’s writeup on tasting traditional balsamic vinegar in Modena.

Well, the reason I’m writing now is because BlogVille is back in 2013!  Bloggers started arriving in Bologna last week.  To follow their adventures (and shenanigans) visit the Blogville website or follow @BlogVilleEmRom and #blogville hashtag on Twitter.


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