Festivals in Bologna, Italy: Par Tòt Parade

Par Tot

creative commons photo by RedGlow82 via Flickr

In Bolognese dialect, Par Tòt Parata means “parade for everyone” and anyone interested in performing in the parade is welcome to take part.  The parade started in 2002 and now takes place in Bologna every two years.  2013 is a parade year and this year’s Par Tòt  is scheduled for June 15th.  The heart of the festival are the free artistic workshops run by volunteers in the months leading up to the parade, aimed at preparing the people of Bologna to be street performers.  On the event website, it says that the parade and the workshops are like macaroni and cheese: one is unthinkable without the other.  This year’s workshops kicked off in April and include courses in dance, percussion, miming, clownery, float construction, mask construction, costume making, hair & makeup, and more.  The courses are free and open to everyone.  For more details, visit the Association Oltre website and check out the flyer for the artistic workshops.



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