ARCOIRIS: Italian course for immigrants


I recently received a tip from a friend about the Italian course for foreigners run by the association ARCOIRIS.  The classes are run by volunteer Italian teachers and the course is practically free — you just pay $20 for an annual membership to the association, which also gets you the association’s grammar workbook.  Classes are 2 hours/lesson and meet twice a week.  Classes are held at five different locations in the city and are offered at various times of day.  The current course finishes up at the end of May (it started in the beginning of February).  There will be a break for the summer months and then classes will start up again in September.

I’ve attended a handful of classes now and managed to wiggle my way into the advanced class with my friend’s recommendation (it’s a good thing we’re not being graded!)  Our class is a melting pot with students from Denmark, Morocco, Albania, Siberia, and Syria.  For one class, a number of us agreed to bring a typical dish from our home country — we had cous cous from Morocco, byrek from Albania, and oatmeal chocolate chip cookies from the U.S. (my contribution).

For more details, check out ARCOIRIS’ website, blog, or Facebook page.


3 thoughts on “ARCOIRIS: Italian course for immigrants

  1. Cat

    I just discovered your blog and am finding so much useful information, thank you for making this publicly accessible. I see that classes at ARCOIRIS are about to start up this week. Do you know if it is possible to join for only a few weeks (i.e. October)? Any suggestions on which class/location to join (I am A1/A2 level)? Thanks for your help. (Also, a bit forward on my part, but might you have some time to meet for an aperitivo? I’d love to hear more about your hiking and wwoofing experiences around Bologna. I’m American, and I come to Bologna fairly often for personal reasons.) Cheers, Catherine

    1. ciaobologna Post author

      Hi Cat! I went to class at the via azzo gardino location. I don’t think there should be a problem going only for a few weeks, but I would check with the teacher to be sure.

      1. Cat

        Hi Audrey, I started going to the class on Via Galliera and am really enjoying it. The schedule works well for me and the teachers/organizers seem very flexible and nice. I wouldn’t have discovered the class if not for your blog, so thanks! (and if you’d be up for an aperitivo or coffee sometime, let me know, it doesn’t seem possible to private message you here…)

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