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Orvieto: the Perfect Hideout


We found ourselves in Rome after Luke attended a conference there and with a free weekend ahead we decided to visit Orvieto, a small cliff-top village in Umbria.  It was early December, the air was numbing, neither one of us owned boots, and there was rain in the forecast: not the most promising conditions for a weekend getaway.  But spontaneity had taken its hold on us, so we donned all warm layers in possession (including some wish-they-were-boots leg warmers for me) and we boarded the hour-long train ride from Rome to Orvieto.

Lucky for us, once we arrived in Orvieto, we found it to be the perfect hideout from Winter’s chill. Continue reading


Arrivederci, 2012: Our Year in Review

WHAT A YEAR.  We almost can’t believe it happened. We almost can’t believe we survived. But it did. And we did.  (Woot!)  If we’ve learned nothing else this year, we learned the importance of taking life each day at a time.  Piano, piano as the Italians would say.  And that when times get tough… it helps to have gelato close at hand.

We love all the “Best Of” lists that start appearing at the end of each year — like this year’s Best Books, Best Food BooksBest Book Cover Designs, Bill Gates’ Favorite Books, Best Meals, and Funniest AutoCorrects  — so we couldn’t resist doing a Year in Review of our own.  Below you will find our 2012 Superlatives, our Year in Photos, and Places We’ve Been in 2012.

BUON ANNO! Continue reading