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Hiking Bologna: Parco del Corno alle Scale (Day Two)

On Day 2, we drove from Sega Vecchia to Rifugio Cavone (food-only rifugio) for a hike that includes some of the prettiest stretches of trail that the park has to offer. We hiked to the top of Corno alle Scale, stopped by the Rifugio degli Abruzzi and Lago Scaffaiolo, and ended the day by seeing a four-tiered waterfall, the Cascate del Dardagna. The stretch up CAI 129 to Corno alle Scale was the most stunning stretch of all.

The Hike

Description: Park at Rifugio Cavone where you will find the trailhead for CAI 337. Follow CAI 337, which brings you through a beautiful valley and then up to a plateau with panoramic views of the surrounding mountains.

The first stretch of the hike on CAI 337 leads you through a gorgeous valley surrounded by sandstone peaks

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Hiking Bologna: Rifugio Sega Vecchia in Parco del Corno Alle Scale

Since moving to Italy, I’ve been eager to visit an Italian refugio. A rifugio is a mountain hut where hikers, skiers, mountain bikers and the like can find food and often lodging at a reasonable price. A “true” rifugio is located in the middle of the mountains and can only be reached by foot. Many people will do multi-day hikes (sometimes 10 days or longer), hiking from hut-to-hut as they go.

When our plans for an overnight hike to a hut in the Dolomites were foiled this weekend, we set out to recreate the experience closer to home in Parco Regionale del Corno alle Scale. Continue reading

Hiking Bologna: Parco del Corno alle Scale (Day One)

This past weekend we made a last minute attempt to plan a trip to the famous Dolomites using a 2-3 day hiking itinerary that we had tucked away for a free weekend. Alas, last minute planning doesn’t really fly when you are planning a trip to one of the most popular attractions in Italy during prime hiking season. Once my inbox was filled with e-mails from completely booked rifugi (the mountain shelters we were hoping to sleep in), we quickly started formulating our plan B. With the help of a 9-year-old guidebook I checked out from the library, we landed on a weekend trip to Parco Regionale del Corno alle Scale. Continue reading

Hiking Portofino to San Fruttuoso

In the beginning of July, we accompanied a friend on a family vacation to Portofino, where we stayed in the hills on a former olive tree farm (yes, we are molto fortunati).  One of the highlights of the trip was hiking from Portofino to San Fruttuoso.  In fact, I liked the hike so much that I did it twice in one week (once with others staying at the house and again with Luke when he joined for the weekend).

Like many Americans, I had heard of Portofino (a former fishing village and now upscale vacation spot located near Genoa).  I had never heard of its neighbors, Santa Margherita Ligure and Paraggi (where we visited frequently during our stay).  And I had never heard of San Fruttuoso (a tiny village that can only be reached by foot or by boat). And so, when I agreed to walk to a place called San Fruttuoso, I had no idea what was in store at the end of the 2 hour trail. Continue reading