Eating in Bologna, Italy: The Best Gelateria(s) in Bologna

When we first arrived in Bologna, I made a point of asking anyone who was willing to converse with me “Qual è la tua gelateria preferita a Bologna?” (“Which is your favorite gelateria in Bologna?”).  Almost everyone had an adamant response.  “Gelateria [fill in the blank] is, hands down, the best gelateria in Bologna”.  At first, it seemed that everyone’s favorite was different.  But after asking enough people, I started hearing repeats and the pattern became clear.

I will undoubtedly write more about the gelaterias of Bologna as we eat more gelato, but I feel it’s unfair to keep these precious tips to myself any longer.  SO… without further ado… here are, according to locals, the best gelaterias in Bologna:

Stefino, Via Galliera 49/b
Open 7 days a week
They also have a new “bio” location at Via Petroni, 1C that offers gelato made from only organic ingredients as well as vegan options made from rice milk

La Sorbetteria, Via Castiglione 44
Closed Monday
Don’t miss their awarding winning chocolate
Two additional locations at via Zaragoza, 83 and Via Augusto Murri, 81

Gelatauro, Via San Vitale 98/b
Closed Monday
Specializes in organic ingredients and fresh fruit flavors

Cremeria Funivia, Piazza Cavour, 1/d
Closed Monday
They have a great pink grapefruit (pompelmo rosa) granita
Another location at Via Porrettana 158/4d

Ugo, Via San Felice, 24
Closed Monday and Tuesday, other days open 3PM-10PM

Gelateria Delle Moline, Via Delle Moline, 13/b
Closed Tuesday

Capo Nord, Via Augusto Murri, 39
Open 7 days a week

Read Jessica Spiegel’s How to Order Gelato in Italy and you’ll be all set for a delectable gelato outing in Bologna.

Here are some other articles about Bologna’s gelato:
Guide to Gelato in Bologna from Serious Eats by Robyn Lee
Molto Gelato in Bologna by David Lebovitz
One Scoop of Heaven by Helene Lohr (about her day at the Gelato University near Bologna)
My Gelato Tour of Bologna by Kathy Blake from the Experimental Gourmand
Troppo Gelato in Italia from Jessica’s Dinner Party
Artisan Gelato at Bologna’s Cremeria Funivia from Serious Eats by Carey Jones

Buon appetito!


11 thoughts on “Eating in Bologna, Italy: The Best Gelateria(s) in Bologna

    1. ciaobologna Post author

      The chocolate at Sorbetteria is Luke’s favorite. And my friend who visited this summer liked it so much she tried to go back for more before she flew out (unfortunately it was 11AM and they weren’t open yet).

  1. Gabriella

    I love Il Gelatauro and the newish place on via Petroni. I’m surprised you didn’t mention Grom! Yes, it’s a chain, but a small one, they really try to get good ingredients, and the results are scrumptious. I look forward to trying some of your other suggestions.

    1. ciaobologna Post author

      Agreed! The place on via Petroni is Stefino Bio (the bio-friendly sister of Stefino on via Galliera). I formulated my list by asking people born and raised in Bologna what their favorite gelateria is. No one mentioned Grom, which is why it’s not on here. I have heard that Grom uses good ingredients. Though I’ve also heard that the Bolognese do business with people they have a personal connection with and that they build up loyalties shopping at the same stores for years and years and years. I gather this would lead the Bolognese to support local, small gelaterie where they know the owner versus a multi-national chain with over 40 shop locations.

  2. lalliins

    As a Bolognese myself I could only think about “Stefino”, is absolutely my favourite one! And most probably is the only one I know! As soon as I’m back in Bologna I will definitely visit each one of the above gelaterie!

    By the way I love your blog. I’ve never really liked Bologna, I’m trying to get to see more of the positive aspects of the city, these kind of blogs are perfect!


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