Biking Rimini to Verucchio

As I mentioned in this post, a couple of weeks ago, I participated in Emilia Romagna’s Blogville project.

During my week at Blogville, I experienced a lot of firsts.

  • It was my first time participating in a “press trip” (I lucked out as Blogville was an innovative social media project and not your typical press trip).
  • My first time riding a horse (see the pic here, @ Club Village & Hotel Spiaggia Romea)
  • My first time riding on the back of a moto (with the trusted “Master of the House” @n_montemaggi)
  • And I ate my first Piadina Riminese and drank my first caffè shakerato (see pics here)

To top if off, I’ll be writing my first “Getting Outdoors” post.  I’ve benefited a lot over the years from others who blog or post trip reports about their outdoor adventures, and I always vowed that I would give my contribution to the interwebs someday.

My typical outdoor excursions are hiking and rock climbing, but as I was researching the Rimini area before going to Blogville, I came across this biking itinerary from Rimini to Ponte Verucchio.  It’s described as easy and flat.  Perfect.  Just my style.  I also saw some amazing pictures of the medieval town Verucchio (located up the hill from Ponte Verucchio).  And so, I decided to combine the biking itinerary with a visit to Verucchio Centro Storico.

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Description: The route from Rimini to Ponte Verucchio is completely flat so it’s a good ride for new or wannabe bikers. The trail follows the Marecchia River, or I should say, the path where the Marrecchia River used to be (after Rimini, the river has dried up, so there actually is no river).  The trail terrain varies slightly throughout the course.  Most of the time the trail is wide and covered in a sandy gravel.  At times, the trail narrows and has more pebbles.  As you start biking away from Rimini, you first pass a few industrial buildings and trailer parks.  But as you continue riding, you enter farm country passing farm houses, small vineyards, and hay bales.  On the return, the trail is wide and smooth the whole way, and you ride past Parco di Villa Verucchio and the Rimini Golf Club.

The starting point of the trail is the Tiberius Bridge in Rimini (Ponte di Tiberio).  You ride through Parco Marecchia until you reach the soccer field.  Behind the soccer field, you’ll find a small trail that goes uphill and takes you to the river bank.  Take this trail to the left.  After 300m, cross the wooden bridge.  Turn left when you get off the bridge and you are on the trail that will take you all the way to Ponte Verucchio (about 11 miles).  At Ponte Verucchio, the trail ends.  From here, walk up to the street from the river bank.  You can cross the bridge and go down to the river bank on the opposite shore to return to Rimini.  Or, if you’re up for more adventure, you can walk/ride uphill (up a big, big hill) to Verucchio Centro Storico.  The walk to Verucchio was grueling, but worth it, and I was able to replenish my energy with snacks and strawberry gelato once I arrived.

Verucchio is one of several charming villages in the hills of the Marecchia Valley (which you can read about in my post here).  Verucchio provides stunning views of the surrounding valley and is also rich with history.  You can grab a gelato (Caffeteria L’Angolo Dibino), some tagliatelle al ragù (Ristorante La Rocca), visit the Malatesta’s Rocca del Sasso, or check out the pre-Etruscan burial artifacts at the Museo Archeologico.  To get to Verucchio from Ponte Verucchio, I searched for directions to Verucchio’s main square, Piazza Malatesta, in Google Maps.

Length: 39.6 km (24.6 miles).  It’s 35 km roundtrip (21.7 miles) from Rimini to Ponte Verucchio.  I added an additional 4.6 km roundtrip (2.9 miles) by visiting Verucchio Centro Storico.

Time: 3 – 4 hours if you are just biking to Ponte Verucchio. 4 – 5 hours of travel time if you add a to visit Verucchio Centro Storico (plus however much time you spend in Verucchio.  I stayed for 4h).  It’s more or less 2 hours of biking to/from Ponte Verucchio depending on how fast you bike.  Then it’s 30 minutes walking uphill from Ponte Verucchio to Verucchio Centro Storico.  Returning to Ponte Verucchio after visiting Verucchio is faster as you can cruise downhill on your bike.

From Bologna: I was already staying in Rimini for Blogville, so this excursion was convenient for me.  It’s a bit of a trek coming from Bologna.  The starting point, the Tiberius Bridge, is about 1.5h from Bologna by car about the same by train.  But if you find yourself near Rimini and are looking to get outdoors, this is certainly a good option.


Map of bike route from Rimini to Ponte Verucchio

Directions from Ponte Verucchio to Piazza Malatesta in Verucchio Centro Storico

You can find other biking itineraries in the Rimini area here.

I did this bike ride during my stay at Blogville, an innovative social media initiative hosted by Emilia-Romagna Tourism.  While Blogville hosted me in a sweet beach-side apartment in Rimini, all opinions in this post are my own.


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