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Hiking Bologna: Parco Storico di Monte Sole

As I mentioned in my last post, Luke and I have been trying to spend less time at Ikea and more time hiking around Bologna. So we pulled out a map (okay, Google Maps on our iPhones), picked out a Regional Park nearby, and jumped in the car.  We ended up heading to Parco Storico di Monte Sole.

At Parco di Monte Sole, we found what we were looking for.  A nice day.  Peaceful surroundings.  Hills to hike.  Good views.

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Hiking Bologna: CAI 902

It’s time to get serious.  Serious about hiking that is.

One of the perks of living in Bologna is that it is surrounded by beautiful hills.  It’s also not far from the Apennine mountains, two National Parks, and 12 Regional Parks. Our schedule over the last few months has been packed and has left little time for hiking near Bologna.  We’ve been travelling a lot, and when we haven’t been travelling, we’ve been spending a good portion of our time in the Bologna Ikea, carrying Ikea purchases down the streets of Bologna, or assembling Ikea furniture.  Thank goodness Ikea offers a decent lunch or we wouldn’t have survived.  But with summer in full swing, it’s time to forget about curtains, plungers, and ice trays, and it’s time to start hiking.

As I was researching hikes near Bologna, I stumbled across CAI 902, an hike that starts just outside the walls of Bologna Centro. Continue reading

Biking Rimini to Verucchio

As I mentioned in this post, a couple of weeks ago, I participated in Emilia Romagna’s Blogville project.

During my week at Blogville, I experienced a lot of firsts.

  • It was my first time participating in a “press trip” (I lucked out as Blogville was an innovative social media project and not your typical press trip).
  • My first time riding a horse (see the pic here, @ Club Village & Hotel Spiaggia Romea)
  • My first time riding on the back of a moto (with the trusted “Master of the House” @n_montemaggi)
  • And I ate my first Piadina Riminese and drank my first caffè shakerato (see pics here)

To top if off, I’ll be writing my first “Getting Outdoors” post.  I’ve benefited a lot over the years from others who blog or post trip reports about their outdoor adventures, and I always vowed that I would give my contribution to the interwebs someday. Continue reading

Visiting Emilia-Romagna: The Valmarecchia

Oh, Valmarecchia!  I’m so happy to have met you.

After a handful of trips to popular and busy destinations (most of which were outside Italy), I’ve been itching to spend more time in Italy exploring lesser known places, especially in the region surrounding Bologna.

I got the chance to visit the Valmarecchia during my stay at Blogville (see my last post), and this beautiful valley fit the bill to a T.

The Valmarecchia (also called the Marecchia Valley) is a long valley that borders the Marecchia River, which runs from the Apennines in Tuscany into the Adriatic Sea near Rimini. Continue reading