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Arrivo, BlogVille!

I’m stoked.  Tomorrow, I go to BlogVille.

To be more specific, I go to Rimini, as part of the Emilia-Romagna Tourism Board’s BlogVille project.

Rimini is here (the B).


And it looks like this.

What is BlogVille?

BlogVille is a social media project hosted by the Emilia-Romagna Tourism Board Continue reading


Bonjour, Nice!

Another trip?

I was thinking that too.

But, yes.  Last week, we went to Nice, France.

Luke was heading to Nice for a conference, and while I’ve been looking forward to spending more time in our new hometown, I knew the 80-year-old me would give my current self a good noogie for passing up an almost-all-expense-paid trip to the French Riviera.  Hating noogies and hoping that my future self is in fact older and wiser, I took her advice and jumped in the car with Luke. Continue reading

A Weekend in London

This past weekend, we made a trip to London and stayed with a friend in Notting Hill.  The flight between Bologna and London was less than two hours, but it felt like we had travelled much further.  If we weren’t surrounded by British accents, we might have thought we had returned to the US.  The people were speaking our language.  There were Starbucks.  There were burgers.  There were fries (well, they call them “chips”).  There was Mexican food.  And ice cream.  And we saw Thai, Vietnamese, and Indian restaurants.  We didn’t realize how much we missed all of these foods until we were surrounded by them and found ourselves gawking at the menus in restaurant windows (except for Starbucks… we don’t miss that).


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Piano, piano

A phrase that you hear often if you spend a good amount of time in Italy is “piano, piano“. Though, I may hear this phrase more often than others considering that I am A) an American, B) a New Yorker, C) frequently overanxious. This will make more sense when I tell you what it means.

I first heard it on one of our first social outings in Bologna. I was speaking to the Italian boyfriend of another expat, in Italian, and I was trying REALLY hard. It must have showed. Scratch that. It definitely showed. All over my face. I was closing my eyes as I conjugated verbs and grimacing when I wanted to say something but knew the vocabulary needed was nowhere in my brain. The guy gently stopped me and with a smile said, “piano, piano.” Continue reading

Hiking Zermatt: Muppets Meet the Matterhorn

A few weeks ago, we went to Zermatt, Switzerland (home of the majestic Matterhorn) to meet up with a buddy for some hiking.  When I reflect back on the trip — the week leading up to it, travelling by train, hiking, and meeting the Matterhorn — I am incapable of visualizing Luke and I experiencing these things.  I, instead, visualize two Muppets.  Hint: one’s pink and one’s green.  This is thanks to my oldest sister, who has an innate ability to turn any situation into a plot for a Muppet Show sketch.  During some past stressful experience, my sister cunningly Muppified the situation casting me as Miss Piggy (the Missy Piggy who might karate-chop the nearest person) and Luke as Kermit (not the cheerful Kermit singing the Rainbow Connection, but the one distressed with taming Miss Piggy).  And so, now, whenever Luke and I are in a stressed state, I alternate between being stressed out and visualizing ourselves as Muppets (which, fortunately, is a good technique for reducing stress).

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