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This past week, I started my first WWOOF experience (World Wide Opportunities on Organic Farms) on Dulcamara Cooperative in Bologna.  The concept behind WWOOF is that volunteers work on organic farms in exchange for lodging, food, and the opportunity to learn about organic farming.  There are WWOOF farms all over the world — from the US, to Kenya, to New Zealand, to Italy.  Italy has its own national WWOOF organization, WWOOF Italia.  You pay a small fee to become a WWOOF Italia member, and in exchange, you get access to the list of WWOOF farms in Italy, regular updates about farms looking for volunteers, and some accident insurance that covers you while WWOOFing.

I signed up for a WWOOF Italia membership before we left for Bologna, having had a secret desire to live amongst fresh vegetables since reading Michael Pollan‘s books Continue reading


Morning errands alla Bolognese

The day we started moving into our new apartment in Bologna Centro, I met with my padrona (landlord) in the morning for an apartment walkthrough and exchanging of the keys.  We realized that we needed some extra keys made so that I could let delivery trucks park behind the building.  Then we realized we needed caffè.  Then I happened to ask her where she liked to buy her groceries (in or outside Centro?).  And before you knew it, it was decided that I would accompany her on her morning’s errands!  Errands may not sound exciting, but in Italy, doing errands can be a fun and social affair, especially when shopping in the little shops found in Centro.

Here’s where we went: Continue reading

International House Hunters

We recently got a heads up that HGTV’s House Hunters International was in Bologna. According to the HGTV website, they filmed two episodes, one following a buyer and one following a renter (a student at John Hopkins School of Advanced International Studies in Bologna). We haven’t watched the shows yet because, for one thing, we haven’t spent the time figuring out if we can watch HGTV from Italy. But it’s also because we were busy with an international house hunting mission of our own! Continue reading