The Murphy Bed

Our relatives over at Chezerbey (currently the top pick in the “small” category in Apartment Therapy’s Small Cool contest) would be proud.  We are living small and cool, and loving it!  At least temporarily…

The apartment we’ve been in for the last month, a vacation rental we found on is the epitome of Italian ultra-modern, ultra-functional interior design that is key for enjoying life in a small space.

The most multi-functional attraction of the 40sqm studio (approx 430sqft ) is the Murphy bed.  In past apartment searches on Craiglist, I read “Murphy bed” as “too small” and “outdated” and immediately steered clear.  But the sleek, modern take on the Murphy bed has me hooked.  There’s something invigorating about getting up, deciding you’re ready to take on the day, and then pushing your bed out of sight and out of mind.  And it’s just as easy to fold up the Murphy as it is to rearrange all of those decorative shams that most of us pile on our beds.  It’s also exciting to reclaim the floor space.  Just think of all the dual-purpose rooms you could have!  Office to guest room.  Guest room to yoga space.  Kids room to play room.

Here are the pics:

By day, the bed is housed inside a wall unit with shelves behind the couch.

By night, the bed folds out over the couch for our sleeping and snoozing pleasure.

From left to right: Large wardrobe with mirrored sliding doors. TV stand with ample storage space and additional shelves above house wine glasses and caffè cups. Floor-to-ceiling white cabinets house washing machine, water heater, and cleaning supplies. Coat rack with lots of hooks for coats and bags.

The kitchen has a lot packed into a small space, but the dark, uniform cabinetry and the elegant tiling keep it visually-appealing and uncluttered.

Surprise! Two of the cabinets are in fact the fridge and dishwasher. Another favorite feature (not pictured here) is the drying rank inside the white cabinet above the sink. There’s no bottom to the cabinet, so any excess water from freshly washed plates just drips into the sink.

The shower, too, is small, but oh so gorgeous with those bright blue tiles. If you look closely, you can see the shower has three sets of spouts. There’s the normal shower head, jets that wash just your body, and a low spout that rinses your feet. The bathroom entrance also has a space-saving sliding door.

I know it’s not the best blog etiquette to go around posting pictures of toilets, but for those in our fam who have never travelled outside of the US, here’s the toilet… and the bidet (found in 95% of households in Italy).

In a nutshell: Don’t be surprised if you visit our home ten years from now and find a Murphy bed in every corner.


4 thoughts on “The Murphy Bed

    1. ciaobologna Post author

      I thought you might like it 😉 Luke found it on one of his first trips out here. It’s only a temporary home until we finish apartment hunting. It will be nice to move somewhere with more than one room, but we will miss the Murphy!

    1. ciaobologna Post author

      Ciao, Patrick! We stayed in an apartment rental in Bologna, Italy that we found on Homeaway. If you click on the link in the post above, it will bring you right to the apartment listing.


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