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Rainy Days

Over the last few weeks, we’ve gotten to experience the wetter side of Bologna. It more or less rained from our drive home from San Terenzo Easter weekend until last Friday.

Bologna is a funny place in the rain. The city’s still very active, even when the rain is pouring, as there are enough porticos providing shelter in the center to allow people to continue their shopping and afternoon strolls. Heck, you can even sit outside and enjoy a caffè on the sidewalk if the bar has seating under a portico. Continue reading


The Murphy Bed

Our relatives over at Chezerbey (currently the top pick in the “small” category in Apartment Therapy’s Small Cool contest) would be proud.  We are living small and cool, and loving it!  At least temporarily…

The apartment we’ve been in for the last month, a vacation rental we found on is the epitome of Italian ultra-modern, ultra-functional interior design that is key for enjoying life in a small space.

The most multi-functional attraction of the 40sqm studio (approx 430sqft ) is the Murphy bed. Continue reading

Tempted by the sea in San Terenzo

For part of Easter weekend, we went to visit a friend in San Terenzo, a small seaside town on the Ligurian coast that will make you go weak in the knees at first sight and swear you’ll live by the ocean at least once in your life.

The trip was a breath of fresh air in more than one way:

1. We had a social interaction IN ENGLISH!  Don’t get me wrong, we love Italian, but it felt good to let loose in English. Continue reading

Photo shoot! Spaghetti alla chitarra

I did it!  I took pictures of my food. And, it felt great!

I’ve had the urge to snap a photo of my plate at a couple of the meals we’ve had in Bologna so far (I must blog about the tortellini after all…) But, I haven’t had the guts!

These days, you see people photographing their food in the US all the time. Sure, waiters and chefs may think it’s strange, but they seem to be used to it by now.  But in Italy? I don’t know…

Well, Wednesday evening was the perfect opportunity for me to confront my fear of food photography.   Continue reading

Basilica di San Luca

It seems that you can take a girl out of Seattle, but not the Seattle out of the girl — because whenever there’s a warm, sunny day in the forecast (especially on a weekend), I feel a sense of urgency and must immediately start strategizing about how to get outdoors.  This past Saturday, was one of those days.  And so, we decided to venture outdoors to visit one of Bologna’s most well known symbols — the Sanctuary of the Madonna Di San Luca.

View of the Basilica di San Luca, picture taken during our first hill adventure from the park on Via di Casaglia

San Luca is Bologna’s Space Needle (but much, much older and with a much richer history of course).  I say this because I’ve read that when someone from Bologna returns to the city, the sight of San Luca reassures them “I’m home”. Continue reading