Ciao, La-La Land!

View from Runyon Canyon Park near Hollywood

In Italian, “ciao” can be used for either “hello” or “goodbye”.  As we say “ciao” (“hello”) to Bologna, we are also saying “ciao” (“goodbye”) to our temporary home for the last few months, Los Angeles, a.k.a. La-La Land.

LA is huge.  It is enormous.  Its area is over 400 square miles and it has at least 80 distinct neighborhoods.  The plus side of LA being so big is that there is something for everyone.  Sure there is a scene for celebs, the wanna-be celebs, and their entourages, BUT there is also great yoga, beaches, surfing, biking, food, sports (we went to an LA Galaxy game), comedy (we frequented the Upright Citizens Brigade), music (we saw Tune-Yards at the Music Box), shows (we saw Wicked), and access to National Parks (we checked out Joshua Tree National Park).  In addition to everything LA has to offer, you are just a short drive from San Diego and Santa Barbara and a quick flight to the great city up North, San Francisco.

The downside of LA being so big is that the traffic is terrible.  Horrendous.  Worse than any traffic we’ve dealt with before.  And it’s not easy to be carless if that’s something you want to do.  If we move back to LA, we’ll  live in a neighborhood that gives us a reasonable commute to work, make sure we love our neighborhood (so we don’t have to leave too often), and make some friends close by.  This way, we won’t be forced to deal with LA traffic on a day-to-day basis.  When we’re feeling adventurous and up for braving the traffic, well… we’re just an hour or less away from anything we want to do!

Here are some photo highlights from our time in LA:




First row: (1) Luke turns 30!, (2) Muscle Beach on the Venice Beach board walk, (3) Wall art in Venice Beach.  While the Venice board walk is a sight to see, we preferred the more mellow scenes at Redondo, Hermosa, or Santa Monica beaches.

Second row: (4) The insanity that is Hollywood, (5) Hiking in Santa Barbara, (6) Weekend in San Diego.

Third row: (7) 80 degree days in February and beach picnics in March, (8) The Country’s Best Yogurt … Pinkberry!, (9) Urban hikes with amazing views.

Other highlights not pictured above include a handful of celebrity sitings, backstage access into the Grammy’s dress rehearsals (thanks, L & K!), and a number of visits from wonderful family and friends.

In a nutshell: Goodbye (for now), LA. We’ll miss the sun and the beaches… not the traffic!  Luke made it to Bologna yesterday.  Aud takes flight today, arriving in Bologna tomorrow.

One of our first photo experiments with our new DSLR, taken at Redondo Beach


One thought on “Ciao, La-La Land!

  1. Lynn

    I see from twitter that you guys are now together at the hotel and save and sound. Have fun getting acclimated! Love, Mom Burke


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